Valka/Valga Entrepreneurship Course

First meeting of the Course will be held Friday, 27th October at 17.00-20.00, Valga County Vocational Training Centre (Loode 3, Valga)

On behalf of Connect Latvia and Estonian Inventors´ Association we welcome to upcoming course everybody with spirit to carry out invention and to become empowered with commitment to build a minimum viable physical product prototype or to develop simple, but innovative business ideas, in order to join our start-up entrepreneurial community. If you are an inventor pursuing new invention to the market or if you have a simple business idea to solve some real market problem for your future customer – you are very much encouraged to come to receive appropriate guidance.

Introductory seminar of the course has been organized at Valga County Vocational Training Centre (Loode 3, Valga) on Monday 16th October. 

Please let us know about individual intention to attend by registering your name (it is recommended to register also the prototype or business idea if you have one):


Agenda of the course

Throughout 7 in-class workshop meetings course from October to December (a´ 3+ hours) every committed participant will acquire sufficient skills in product development process, presentation skills, negotiating investments, marketing supply for sales and other important aspects of business start-up. The course will also provide skills for practical design from non-technical draft-drawing, learning terms and expressions in English language for pitching in 2 min and 8 min, PowerPoint PC presentation, minimum viable prototyping for investment practices.

Every participant will be provided with all necessary tools that enable building self-confidence and triggering the `how to do´ part alongside the `knowledge awareness about what to do´ in order to start your own entrepreneurial venture.

Teamwork necessity

Each participant should be prepared to work in a team dedicated to build physical product prototype and/or develop own business ideas. Every diligent participant will be able to complete the course successfully no matter if being a team leader or fellow team member.

Languages of the course

As the course is international and aimed at both Latvian and Estonian participants, the program will be conducted in English primarily. Some of the sessions and team-work activities could also be run or translated in Latvian, Estonian or Russian. We do not expect you to know English language perfectly. Just common English language knowledge perception for further learning would be helpful.

Participation fees and awards

The course is free of charge for individuals with no ownership in entrepreneurial ventures. Enterprises in business for more than one year, generating real turnover on regular basis, can be charged throughout the course per person. 

Best teams and prototypes across the course will be awarded. At least 5 teams will be selected for further training via Stockholm School of Economics in Riga provided programme for a one week international entrepreneurship training camp in Cambridge, U.K., in the beginning of 2018.

Besides and beyond the all of above - the most obvious and distinct beneficial award is your individual valuable experience you gain throughout your dedicated pursuit in start-up entrepreneurship.




Looking forward to see you in our Valka/Valga course workshop,

Elmars Baltins, Society „Connect Latvia“, e-mail, tel. +371 29100252
Aarne Toomsalu, Estonian Inventors´ Association, e-mail, tel. +372 56602221    

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